About Us

BOSS Stands for Best Online Support System. Our company was started to provide low cost court ordered classes, certified by professionals and DMV, that you can take at your convenience. We are the low cost court counseling provider for Las Vegas! We believe in a strong support system, and that is why we return emails, and fix any issues quickly.  Our courses consistently cost less than other providers in Nevada. Court counseling can be expensive.  Not with BOSS!  We understand that the price of many court ordered classes can be overwhelming when you are facing other financial hardships. We want you to become educated, and responsible, without costing you a small fortune. If you are ready to make a change in your life, do not delay a bright future. Sign up with BOSS today. We are the lowest cost approved provider for the Clark County COPE course online. This course is also called the Seminar for Separating Parents. Nevada Court counseling, and Las Vegas court counseling, at discounted rates. Approved for all Nevada courts.  Las Vegas Court Counseling. Henderson Court Counseling. North Las Vegas Court Counseling. Reno Court Counseling. Laughlin Court Counseling. Las Vegas Municipal Court Counseling. We offer the cheapest DUI course in Nevada. Don't overpay for your DUI course. 

To get started, click on the course above and create your profile. Please remember your validation questions.  You will be required to answer those questions throughout your course to verify who you are. Once you complete the registration process, and pay for the course, your account will be active and you can take your course. Please finish your course at least one (1) business day before your court date. Once you receive your certificate of completion, print it out for the court. You will be asked questions about your Driver's license and other information that is important for your certificate of completion. It is important to spell and answer correctly. This information is only put on the certificates for court use.

License Numbers:

NV Business: NV20131288654

DUI: DUI000043905

Traffic Safety: TSS000043904